Proudly Providing Service to All Areas in and Out of Alberta

Since its founding, Capital Power Clean has become the trusted name in the mobile pressure washing industry in Alberta. Hire us for your pressure washing, fleet cleaning, heavy-duty equipment cleaning, and more! We are ready to assist you in any way we can.

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Capital Power Clean has been working in the Sherwood Park area since 2014. Our goal is to be the first choice when customers require mobile pressure washing services. We strive to provide our clients with excellent service with our hard-working staff, organized systems, and top of the line equipment. We have been able to build a great customer base using our simplified systems, reactionary services, and standardized quality. This proven matrix allows our clients to focus on their day to day instead of dealing with unreliable contractors who don’t provide the quality of work that Capital Power Clean does.

Capital Power Clean offers commercial cleaning for building, fleet, grease bins and much more. Our trusted team of technicians provide the correct process to clean and decontaminate all types of surfaces. Our fleet of trucks are adequately equipped to carry cleaning tools needed to revitalize the dirtiest projects. 

Are you interested in fleet cleaning? We offer top-quality fleet cleaning services for our clients; our technicians know how to properly wash and decontaminate different types of fleet vehicles from Bobcats to oversized loads. We lead the cleaning industry with our professional fleet services, which take a load off your plate and ensure your rollings billboards look their best. 

Offered Services:

  • Building Pressure Washing 
  • Sidewalk Pressure Washing
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaning 
  • Culvert Thawing
  • Fleet Cleaning 
  • Clubroot Cleaning & Control 
  • Grease Bin and Garbage Dumpster Cleaning 
  • Parking Lots
  • Cross Border Equipment Cleaning Services 
  • Pre-Auction Equipment Detailing Services 
  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial & Industrial Properties
  • And So Much More…
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