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In 2015, CPC began our battle against clubroot. Due to strict access conditions imposed by provincial regulators and landowners, we identified that an industry leader was required to set standards and provide reliable services to companies who worked alongside regulatory bodies.

Our Goal:

Provide an all-encompassing solution to companies and regulators who need a comprehensive solution to clubroot and decontamination control.


On-Site Cleaning & Training Services

  • CPC offers mobile training services that provide employees, sub-contractors and regulators with peace of mind when providing decontamination services.
  • 2 Part Process (4 Hr(s) in Field / 4 Hr(s) in Class):
  • During the in-field training, CPC will go through proper site set-up, basic equipment operation and troubleshooting as well as hands-on training. After the students have completed this segment, they will be taken into a classroom where they will be educated on safe cleaning practices, standardization of equipment cleaning, and documentation protocols. At the end of the course, students will take a test that mixes hands-on examples and a theory-based curriculum. Students must receive 80% on this test to become a certified wash technician.
  • Let us face it, remote locations, paper trails and contractors never work well together. Luckily CPC has come up with two state of the art systems to provide monitoring and documentation of cleaning no matter the location.

Together these systems provide:

  • 24/7 monitoring 
  • Plate and unit number tracking 
  • Documentation of cleaning services 
  • Proof of cleaning for regulators and landowners 
  • Peace of mind for claim owners and licensees 
  • Mobile enforcement and security
  • Need a mobile app that works offline and stores company cleaning data? CPC has your solution.
  • MyCleaningBuddy was developed exclusively for CPC with regulators in mind. This program uses built-in GPS tracking systems found on most smartphones to record unit movement and then prompt employees to document cleaning using photos, and simple time/date/plate questionnaires.  
  • This information is monitored by CPC’s virtual account managers and can be provided to licensees and regulators upon request.

CPC provides mobile:

  • Water refill
  • Waste water removal
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Supply services (extra lines, washers, and tips)

If you are on a site with strict regulations don’t risk an incident by leaving the cleaning up to subcontractors and employees. Hire a CPC unit and technician. 

CPC tech’s are trained and available 24/7, 365 to fulfill your cleaning requirements.  

If you are bidding on a project, or require a second set of eye’s from someone who knows the industry of industrial cleaning services look no further than CPC. 

We provide virtual consultation services which include:

  • Aerial visualizations (3D animations) 
  • Cleaning program plans  
  • Equipment ordering and advising 
  • Sourcing of local contractors 
  • Monitoring and enforcement program creation

Alberta contains some of Canada’s worst clubroot infestations. However, with the right training, techniques, and equipment your projects can comply with provincial and federal land lease permits.

CPC offers mobile cleaning & training services which provide employees, sub-contractors, and regulators with peace of mind when providing decontamination services.


  • Employee training
  • In-field monitoring
  • Cleaning station maintenance
  • Cleaning services
  • Mobile skid rentals
  • Cleaning program consultations

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