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We are Alberta's Reliable Premium Best Choice for Mobile Pressure Washing

Our Start:

Started in 2014, Capital Power Clean quickly grew to become the trusted name for mobile pressure washing in Edmonton, Alberta. Our proven systems have allowed us to expand throughout Alberta and service a multitude of industries. Some of Capital’s success can be attributed to its President Spencer Stephenson. Born and raised in Edmonton, Spencer grew up with business in his blood. His dedication to local and international entrepreneurial communities has provided him with the necessary tools to grow Capital using innovative systems and cutting-edge equipment. Spencer started Capital Power Clean while in high-school and built it, among other businesses, while pursuing post-secondary education at MacEwan University. During his University years, Spencer worked with many local and international startups giving him insight into what allows companies to stay positioned on the cutting edge of their industries. This experience is incorporated into Capitals position in the industrial maintenance industry and ensures that Capital is at the forefront of technology, safety, and equipment trends. Spencer’s love for business shows in his dedication to mentoring Alberta’s newest entrepreneurs and helping them create the foundations for successful business ventures to this day.

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Our Vision:

Simple Service. Dedicated Technicians. Affordable Rates. Environmental Protection. Safety. 

Since our founding, we’ve worked with numerous clients throughout Alberta. Excellent service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting only the best to join our team. We complete projects efficiently to form lasting relationships with our clients.

Our goal has always been to become the best option for mobile pressure washing services in Alberta. Capitals courteous staff, organized systems, and cutting-edge equipment allow us to provide complete project satisfaction from start to finish.

Companies stay with Capital because of our simplified systems, reactionary services, and standardized quality enabling them to focus on their day-to-day, instead of dealing with contractors who over-promise and under-perform. Capitals 360° systems provide our customers with the sheer satisfaction of knowing that they are receiving the best services, technicians, and pricing possible.

Our Why:

 We exist because Albertan’s deserve reliable services at competitive rates, accompanied by a comprehensive dedication to environmental protection and safety.

Our How:

We accomplish our “Why” by… 

  1. Using cutting edge equipment, saving our time and your money.
  2. Incorporating systems that allow for full transparency from dispatch to invoicing. 
  3. Providing reactionary services when you need and precautionary services when you want.
  4. Incorporating naturally based detergents which provide better cleaning results when compared to their chemical-rich counterparts.

Our What:

We provide premium mobile pressure washing services with consistent results proven over the thousands of projects we service each year.

Our Promise to You:

Reliable services, day or night, at affordable rates without compromising safety or customer satisfaction.

Trust 65 Years of Combined Industry Experience. Trust Capital Power Clean.

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