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Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance

Alberta Wide Commercial Cleaning

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of commercial cleaning job that comes our way. With Capital Power Clean, clients know exactly what to expect – professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results. Contact us today for your commercial cleaning needs. 

Commercial Cleaning Services

Providing Alberta with quality commercial cleaning services, at competitive rates, accompanied by a comprehensive dedication to environmental protection.

commercial property cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning - Edmonton | Calgary

Have a dirty warehouse? Re-purposing a preexisting space? Whatever it is Capital is here to help you with returning that once dirty space back to “like new” status. No matter the location or preexisting establishment, Capital has revitalized hundreds of warehouses from fabrication shops to ship-maker facilities. Capital Power Clean specializes in warehouse cleaning services in Edmonton and knows the correct approaches to pre-and-post cleaning services. Call Capital today for your free warehouse cleaning consultation.

Building Pressure Washing - Edmonton | Calgary

Our technicians understand the correct processes to wash and decontaminate all forms of surfaces. As a result, this allows us to work on all projects from Rogers Place to standalone operations. All CPC trucks carry the required tools to clean, strip, or revitalize the dirtiest of surfaces. Our self-contained steam/hot wash trailers quickly get in and out of all sites while providing enough firepower to work at all heights. Our teams are properly trained to tackle the most complex jobs to ensure that you are not left with a partially clean property. CPC technicians clean top-to-bottom, left-to-right, an approach that ensures no corner escapes our high-pressure units.

building pressure washing

Sidewalk Pressure Washing - Edmonton | Calgary

If you’re looking to have the sidewalk cleaned in front of your business or commercial property, our professional sidewalk cleaning services are designed for you. Our team of professionals will come to your site and take care of all of the prep, cleaning, and cleanup of your sidewalks. 

Efflorescence Cleaning - Edmonton | Calgary

You can easily recognize efflorescence on retaining walls, brick and stone. Efflorescence often forms a white, powdery substance when seen on unsealed surfaces. This is a result of minerals in the brick coming through the material and forming a crystallized substance on the surface. In the subtlest cases, efflorescence causes an eyesore; however, sometimes, it can cause structural defects and costly repairs. Capital Power Clean specializes in effective efflorescence removal. Such services should not be tackled as a DIY project. The removal of efflorescence causes dangerous gas bi-products when the required acids interact with built-up mineral deposits. Our technicians wear full HAZMAT gear and 2 stage respirator systems on all efflorescence cleaning sites.

The Commercial Cleaning Process... What You Can Expect from Capital Power Clean.

The reason that many companies have turned to CPC for their commercial cleaning needs is due to our systematic approach to client relations and operations.

  • Our call center will ask you a few questions about your location, urgency, contact information, and preferred method of payment.
  • Once an account is set-up, we will get your services scheduled and a truck on the way!
  • Depending on if you want a quote or “need it done yesterday” A CPC professional will get you the information you need.
  • Quotes can be provided (usually within 2-24 hours) or a service ticket will be created using your email.
  • Once a profile has been created a truck will be dispatched to your location.
  • Average response time is <2 Hrs.
  • You will receive a text or email notification informing you that we are on the way!
  • Once a Capital truck arrives here is what you can expect…

    • A field level hazard assessment to be completed.
    • Capital technicians wearing hi-visibility protective equipment and standard PPE.
    • Activation of safety beacons and traffic control devices if required
    • Peace of mind, knowing that you are in good hands…
  • A CPC technician will follow the pre-specified requirements for your particular job and clean the requested area or building in the safest way possible.
  • Need to add something to the job? No worries. We ask that you do not approach our technicians while they are working as to not put yourself in harms way. Please call our 24/7 local hotline for service changes.


  • Once the commercial cleaning services are completed our technicians will close out the job and finish an “end of job report”.
  • Site clean-up services will be completed and trucks will leave your location.
  • Our office will notify the appropriate corporate account of service completion and invoice accordingly.

Why outsource your companies Commercial cleaning services?

Safety. Reduced Costs. Peace of Mind.

  1. Reduced liability for your company.
  2. Lower insurance and WCB premiums.
  3. Keep your employees working. Not washing.
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